MobileVoip Lets You Stay In Touch!

MobileVoIP is an extension to the VOIP network that works with your tablet/iPad instead of your computer. For the most part MobileVoIP protocols work over a mobile data network but short range connections can be made through LAN lines as well. MobileVoIP application lets you enjoy high-speed connections at a low cost.

The MobileVoIP app comes with three call options to choose from, so you can get the most out of the application without spending too much to use it.

Voip Call

The most standard feature of MobileVoIP is VoIP Call. This means your call gets connected immediately, much like if you direct dialed your contact. All you need to access this feature is a working Mobile Data or Wi-Fi connection – meaning, there is no extra cost to you for additional airtime or data onto your tablet / iPad. You will only be charged the normal rate of your VoIP brand; there are absolutely no hidden costs or charges associated with this application.

Call Back

A more advanced feature within MobileVoIP app is the Call Back feature. This is a handy and versatile feature allowing you to stay in touch with friends and family when you’re Wi-Fi or Mobile data connection is not as strong as you would like it to be. Call Back lets you use less data than the tablet / iPad would traditionally use when the signal for Mobile data or Wi-Fi is weak, if you let any call received be set up via the MobileVoIP app instead. We will set up the call to your tablet / iPad first and then connect you to your contact through MobileVoIP, which will save you on data fees. You will be charged however for both sides of the call, as well as the set-up fee.

Local Access

If you are in one of the countries we offer local access numbers for, we can help you out there as well. Simply connect to loved ones and friends using the Local Access feature of MobileVoIP and access local numbers to any of the listed countries. In the event you have a weak Internet connection, you simply use a Local Access number and you will only be charged for a local call, plus the tariff for the destination you are calling.

One more added feature you can access via MobileVoIP is you can send text messages using the application as well. We are here to save you money on your next long distance and local calling, give MobileVOIP a try on your tablet / iPad today!